Image Lucidity is a resource for multimedia and marketing. Our process helps increase qualified traffic using strategic marketing, value with proper branding and lead conversion through functional multimedia.


Problems vary – solutions should too!

A website designed around your needs and marketing strategies is an invaluable asset.  Each industry and company will have different goals for a website, but some common functions are eCommerce/online sales, member management, an online presence and landing page for traffic sources such as from paid advertisements or affiliate programs.

Multimedia plays an instrumental role in driving traffic and conversion. Video and graphics are used in ad campaigns, on websites/apps and on social media. When designed properly, multimedia will attract qualified traffic and aid on your site or other medium to help close deals with customers, clients, partners or investors. 

Internally multimedia can be used for training, operations or even customer education.

In the age of information and technology there are many ways to market; some which could help your company and others that could destroy it. Our mission is to help you develop a strategy that is tailored to your company’s needs. Once the strategy is implemented we will monitor results and adjust the strategy until your company gets the results it needs.

Often a misused and abused term; search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial if your company plans to organically place in search engine results.

There are multiple tiers of SEO. Below are the most common:

  • Backend development which allows SEO to be performed regularly.
  • Initial content which is optimized for results.
  • Ongoing optimizations to keep up with other companies efforts.
  • Scheduled content creation; published to keep a website relevant such as news, blog, articles or other section of a website.
  • Posting content on other sites to drive traffic back you your site and increasing the number of backlinks.

Running an ad is easy! Knowing which key words, search queries and platform is not. We specialize in developing advertising campaigns that put the right multimedia assets and text copies in front of your target audience. We also define measurable metrics that we monitor over the lifespan of an ad campaign to assure it performs well and to see how we can further improve performance in the future.

There are many kinds of campaigns that range from brand recognition to client acquisition. One must become known, gain trust and then sell to conduct effective marketing.

There are unlimited ways to market in this world. More possibilities surface daily. Unlike other agencies we do not close our minds to the future. A company can benefit from micro blogs, brand personalities, social media influencers, affiliate marketing, acquisition of new talent or even marketing in virtual reality. If you want to try an edgy approach we are interested in trying it!


Brent Scione

Multimedia Developer

Brent has 10 years of freelance and company experience. He has helped companies and business owners create functional multimedia assets for over 10 years. Outside of the agency he takes an active role in the future of education. 

Darryl Delong

Sr Marketing Strategist

Darryl Delong has over 10 years of agency experience in marketing. He has helped a diverse list of businesses and companies connect with their target audience.  He is passionate about helping companies reach their potential!

Anatachia Gell

Creative Director

Anatachia has 5 years of overseeing the completion of creative projects. As founder of the international Paint for Peace event and former member of the Boston Pride Committee she is also an active leader in her communities.


Medical Industry
RN Patient’s Advocates Boston
Pacific Reproductive Center
Paul Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.
Cell Life Medical
Hotel & Hospitality
Baymont Inn & Suites Celebration
Hooked on Adventure
Ameriquest Travel
Aalto Agencies
Restaurant & Food Industry
Revolution Health Kitchen
Coffee Coffee
Michael’s Pikliz
The Apnar Bazar
Fitness & Wellness
XTrinity Fitness, LLC
Boston Health Zone
Hot Latin Bunns
Creative, Agency & Marketing
Perfect Social Boost
The Silva Screen
Urban Custom Print
Providence Fullcourt Boardroom
One Nation’s Diversity
Open Door Foundation
Association of Peru
Top Notch Scholars
Guest Speaker, Presentations & Community
Guest Speaker Roxbury Community College
Guest Speaker Boston University U-Design
MIT UV 2018 Conference Presentation
GLTS Advisory Board

Case Study: Build-It-Yourself

We have developed several applications for Cambridge based tech startup Build-It-Yourself. This includes a membership site that allows their users to purchase  membership packages, schedule workshops and easily manage content. These new tools are currently aiding this e-Learning start up to raise the next round of funding. In addition to this, these tools are stream lining operations that were once manually executed daily.

Awards: Featured Designer

Our company was featured in the Design4Lowell magazine. Our multimedia specialist, Brent Scione, was recognized for his design style and work with many local organizations. We are happy that our work makes an impact and helps local businesses thrive!

Boston Pride - Pulse Survivors

Anatachia helped fundraise over $20,000 to provide flights and hotel stays for over 20 Pulse survivors so they could attend Boston Pride week. She helped the Boston Pride committee organize a float to help the survivors celebrate their life and pride. She also hosted a special Paint for Peace event in their honor. The full story is available on where you can see all those who helped make this happen!

Role in Education

Brent has taken an active role in education. As a member of the GLTS Advisory Board, he helps shape the curriculum of his former high school where he graduated valedictorian. He also leads animation and design workshops online for Build-It-Yourself (BIY). BIY gamifies learning in an online global laboratory! As best put by Elon Musk, “Generally, you want education to be as close to a good video game as possible”.

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